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Welcome to babyantz media!  We are a small company currently developing applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  

3/15/10 - Updates to Ant Squish and Ant Squish Free have been submitted.  Game play was improved and should allow for higher scores!

1/17/10 - babyant media apps have been downloaded more than 100,000 times from the  App Store!  Thank you to everyone and we hope you enjoy them.  Please continue  leaving suggestions.

9/30/09 - "Preschool Pairs - Musical Instruments" was reviewed by the iPhone mom.  Thank you for the honest review!

9/19/09 - "Preschool Pairs - Musical Instruments" is now live in  iTunes!

9/18/09 - "Handy Convert" passes 25,000 downloads and is currently number 52 in the top 100 utility apps!  Thanks again to all who have downloaded it.  Please leave feedback  if you would like to see anything added.

9/6/09 - Coming soon!!!  "Preschool Pairs - Musical Instruments".

8/11/09 - "Handy Convert" has now been downloaded more than 10,000 times!  Thank you to all who have downloaded it and we hope you enjoy using it.

7/29/09 - Update to  "Handy Convert" is now live on the App Store!  The user interface has been improved and optimized.

7/1/09 - "Ant Squish" is now available through the App Store!  

6/21/09 - Coming Soon!  "Ant Squish".  A fast paced game where you squish and squash ants!  More info can be found in the iPhone Apps section.

Our first application "Handy Convert" was released on 3/29/09 and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or iTunes.  More information can be found in the iPhone Apps section.

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